Pla de millora urbana del sector PE-3 de Baqueira, en el municipi de Naut Aran

Location: Naut Aran | Surface: 8,589.76 m2

The arrangement is based fundamentally on a reformulation of the network viaria existing as preexisting element and with rights of servitude of stepping, of which it looks of the trace implemented with plots remains roads that suture the already existing one with that of new creation inside the area of the sector, to plan a spiderweb of urban connectivities that gather that one foreseen in what concerns physical directives from the systems in the documentation of the plan and of the Special Plan Infrastructures for the zone of the PE-3 Baqueira. Dress the preexistences in the environment, and his architectural typology, there is claimed an arrangement of housings that one adapts to the slope of the existing topography with the maximum respect for the environment and therefore, obtaining the minimal environmental impact.

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